The Golden Race 21 Day Juice Detox Challenge 

For those of you who want a deeper spiritual walk or who just want to tighten up your god body, this challenge is for you! We will begin June 24, 2018. This fast will take place during the Summer Solstice. This is a time to celebrate the light of consciousness within ourselves, each other, and the awakening consciousness potential. 
To align ourselves with the powerful energies that are filling this planet, Spirit has guided us to detox and purify. So how do you do it? 
For those who can, JUICE 21 DAYS STRAIGHT. For those who need a little help you can: 
First 7 days: Juice all day 
Next 7 days: Juice all day with a fruit dinner at night 
Last 7 days: Juice all day with a fruit/vegan dinner at night
Food Details: Use organics only!!! Do not buy from Wal-Mart as their organics are suspect. Also drink plenty of distilled water and coconut water to hydrate and remove toxins. 
Daily Activity: Meditate under the sun light, feet planted on the ground at least 10 minutes daily 
Sunbathe 30-60 minutes per day as often as possible splitting the time up front and back. Use essential oils on your skin. We sell them in our store. 
Write down 1 wish and place the list under your pillow or on your altar (if you have one). By the end you will have a total of 21 wishes. 
During this time, we will post other activities as the spirit leads us for you to engage in as well. 
This will be a wonderful spiritual journey that each and every member of the Golden Race will benefit from. During this time, post how you feel and are doing so that we can support each other on this journey.